Not a happy camper!

I have problems with getting to support. So I hope you can get this to them
Do they look at the comments on Facebook and other places on the internet? Not very good.
I have used 3D printer, laser cuter/engravers and CNC machines. Learning curves were short time to finished products. Not so with Luban. I have had Snapmaker for 3monts and still haven’t figured out a system. CNC is a nightmare. You have a very well-made Machen, well built. With NO support from other software. Need to work on this. I sold my other 3 machines to spend $2000+ for nothing because of no software support.
I have Bobcad-cam and Mastercam 5x witch I paid around $500 each and Snapmaker doesn’t recognize

It’s possible to page specific members of the support team here, but I don’t believe they read every post. If your problems are with Luban specifically, your best bet is likely to file bugs on github: GitHub - Snapmaker/Luban: An easy-to-use 3-in-1 software tailor-made for Snapmaker machines. I believe they do actually look at those. There’s also a repository for the firmware of the Snapmaker itself.

General consensus here is that Luban isn’t very good even as entry level software, and I get the impression you’re well beyond entry level. The Snapmaker accepts files in the Marlin dialect of gcode, so you can use any software that outputs that (it’s also possible to use grbl-dialect files, with a bit of tweaking). Files can then be conveyed to the Snapmaker using either a USB key or Luban’s wireless functionality (one part of the software that usually does work). Unfortunately, it isn’t possible at this time to issue arbitrary commands to a Snapmaker over the network and get a useful response back—you need to attach to the USB mini-B port for full access. That will allow software like Octoprint to work.

The most popular alternative software used by forum members is Cura for 3D printing, Lightburn for laser, and Fusion 360 for CNC.

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