How to pause 3D print AND get printer head to go quiet


Is there a way to pause a 3D print and get the 3D print head to cool down and get the fan turn off ?


Command M2001 will help you out.

Hello Edwin,

  1. I upload my design to the printer via wifi.
  2. I start the print
  3. when I want to pause, I click pause on the screen
  4. then I connect to the printer via wifi and run M2001 T0
  5. toolhead should go quiet.

To resume:
6) run M2001 T1 ???
7) click resume

is that right?


For the command M2001, we released it to power off the toolhead separately and then the LED inside the enclosure can remain on.

If you just want to stop the fan, you can the command M107.

  • Pause the machine via the touchscreen.
  • Send M107 to the machine

If you want to stop the fans inside the 3D printing module and the one inside the power unit, you can switch off the power unit and then resume it after rebooting the machine.



I tried this and the print failed.
After printing for 10h, I connected my PC to the printer via serial, then print started to fail…
Command M107 is not doing anything.
Did it failed because I connected the PC to the machine before pausing the print?

What I’d like to do is pause a print and get the printer quiet, basically turn off the 3d printing module off.


Hello Edwin,

Commands don’t work with printer pause.
Any other suggestions?


Why do you want the head to get silent?


Ok, so I did some test.
It is not possible to send command via WIFI

With Serial connection it is possible.
I pause the print
connect to USB serial
send M107, only 1 FAN stop, I would like to turn off all fans from the 3D print head.

What’s the command for this?
Is there a command to stop heating then?

I haven’t tried the hard way of swithing off the power… but I am sure there must be a smart way to pause the print and get the machine qiuet?
DOn’t worry about the power supply… I already changed the FAN there… quiet like a baby sleeping.


Only one fan will turn off with M107, and the other one is controlled by the motherboard of the 3D printing module itself.

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If you pause the print, did you turn off the hotend?
If not, you need to send a new nozzle temperature, turn off the hotend by “M104 S0” with serial connection.
If so the hotend-heatbreak-fan should turn off under 90°C.
I have tested, it works, but you need to turn the hotend on the same way you turned it off (serial-connection).

Personally, i would simply do the power lost.