Grinding noise upon saving Z axis calibration

Good day Makers.

This morning I was going to start a new job. I wanted to calibrate the Z axis and I noticed that the right column seems to have more movement than the left. Now I understand that can and is most likely due to the bed leveling but upon saving the calibration, the right column, one with more movement) grinds, horribly.

Link to video here.

It looks like the two linear modules are not in sync. Are they both firmly connected to the splitter?

If they are, try removing the X axis and unplugging one of the linear modules from the splitter and see if it homes correctly, then swap which is connected. If one of them fails to home, it might be a bad limit switch, and you should contact support

@buzzplop thank you for replying so quickly. Being as this is my first week in 3D printing, any chance you could break that out a bit more for me?

During assembly you will have connected both upright modules to a splitter, and the splitter to the controller. My suggestion is to test to see if both modules can home (go to their known position). To do that, they need to be physically disconnected form each other (by removing the X axis, the horizontal module).

Power off the machine and also disconnect the X axis module and from the controller so that it does not move during homing

Now unplug one of the upright modules from the splitter (be sure to get the correct splitter and dont unplug the Y axis by mistake) and attempt to home the machine (swipe right on the touch screen, tap Control, then Home). This should cause the connected upright module to raise to the top.

If it does, power off the machine and swap which upright module is connected, and re-home.

If both modules home correctly, power off the machine and plug them both back in firmly to the splitter, reassemble the X axis. Power on and home again. Both modules should rise at exactly the same time and speed.

If they do not, or one of the modules fails to home correctly, contact support.

I should add a disclaimer that I have not actually done this, nor have I verified that the machine will attempt to home correctly with no X axis connected! I would check, but my machine is busy printing

I see I replied at same time as buzzplop.
I don’t think you need to bother swapping out cables. Just make sure they’re all correctly plugged in. It’s a different way of going about troubleshooting than I suggested. Do whichever one seems easiest to understand for you.

Here’s what I wrote:
The z-axis should be working together in unison. Bed leveling just adjusts the height but they should both be at the same height. Check that both z-columns are properly seated in the base and that the x-axis is level between the two. Loosen the screws to the x-axis and make sure that both z brackets are at the same height. If they’re not that could cause strain and noise.
You can remove the x-axis and check if they’re moving fine by themselves.
If one of them moves differently from the other then you might have the linear module problem and need to contact


Thanks guys. I have ran a handful of prints but yesterday/last night was the longest run job at a little over 13hrs. This morning I was going to start up another and have run into this issue.

Thank you for your suggestions, I unfortunately don’t have any more time tonight to poke at it (company) so I will try out the options tomorrow.

Also, check that the dust covers on rails are tight.


So I finally worked up courage to start troubleshooting this problem. I have everything disconnected from controller except the Z controller and the left arm. While off I moved the brackets to lowest on column to see movement. I booted system Calibrate -> Home and nothing moved. Powered off and swapped columns and Homed, Right column homes.

So left doesn’t work.

Swapped left column cable to right side controller (previously only right column connected) and tested homing, no joy.

Swapped right hand column to left side controller, column homes… so down to column at this point?!

So another interesting thing discovered, I plugged in the X axis controller to just test both ports plugged in at the same time (Y controller) and the X axis homed to the middle. Are the columns “programmed” or after first time booted recognized as particular component?

I had thought about just swapping out the left hand column for the X axis while waiting on support (easier to get everything hooked up) and that was a surprise discovery so wanted to confirm?

no there is no memory of what a module was used for. it is based on where you plug it into the controller, there is an X plug and a Y plug

Because the machine does not recognize 5 linear modules and the controller will consider this machine is Snapmaker A150 by default.

The X-axis slider will move to the middle due to the smaller travel length and the directions are opposite to the Snapmaker A250 machine.

I see your ticket and will reply to you soon.

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