Gouging print!?

Seriously about to throw this thing at the wall- it has randomly started gouging the center of my prints- no idea what to do.It starts just fine then I get this nonsense…


This seems to be not bad.

You can adjust the Z offset in real-time.

This behaviour is because of your bed calibration which is pretty fine at the corner.
You will overprint the overextrusion in the next coming layers,- so not a big problem at this point of your print.

Did you activate the 5x5 calibration grid in the settings of the touchscreen?
If yes, it is possible to dig deep into the machine and gcode world to get rid of it.

I have just started having a problem with gouging. Until yesterday, printing was fine. Then a print started gouging over a large area of the bed and eventually the head jammed. Given the extent of the gouging, I don’t think it can be leveling. It also not an assembly issue.

I have tested the sensor which is working. The bed leveling/calibration also works fine. If the sensor is not at the correct height, I would not expect this to function correctly, and why would the sensor move out of alignment all by itself?

I am not sure what to try next. My instinct is that this is a software issue, given that nothing has changed on the hardware.

Is anyone else having new problems in this area?