Good News: Lightburn will support inline power with Snapmaker 2.0 soon!

I reached out to Lightburn support since the Snapmaker machine setup of Lightburn currently does not offer the option to use inline power. I pointed out that the most recent firmware supports it, and here’s their answer:

Hi Hauke,

Thanks for pointing out that SnapMaker supports that now! I’ve updated the code to allow setting that for SnapMaker devices moving forward and it will be available in v1.5 (planning to release before the end of the year).

LightBurn Software Dev Team

/me is happy!


Hello! Hauke

I checked your article in the LightBurn forum.

I am currently out of update line sense with LightBurn 1.40 and I am planning to continue updating to see what features will be added in 1.50.

The default “Snampmaker” set by default in LightBurn 1.40 is Marlin, but “inline” is not an option.
However, the rotation module can select the B axis.

If you build the device setting with “Marlin”, you can select “Inline”.
But rotation module cannot select B axis.

Am I correct in your report that “Inline” can be selected when the device setting is “Snampmaker” and the rotation module is B-axis enabled?

I have not tried “Inline” built with “Marlin”, but can it work with “Inline” in LightBurn 1.40?
I just need to try it…

I tried it.
I tried inline, but there is no momentary stop motion when the laser outputs on the X axis, it moves at high speed, but the laser imprint is obscured.

Is there any way to fix this?

Huh, cannot say… I yet did not play around with inline power, What you show looks like it is not implemented correctly. Did you perchance look into the GCode? If the GCode is as expected, I’d suggest to file a request with Snapmaker support. Which firmware version you’re running on?

Thanks for getting back to me.

The firmware version is Snapmaker2_V1.1717_20230901
Touchscreen V1.17.6
Controller V4.6.1

All of these are LightBurn settings.

When using inline with “Marlin”, there is a sawtooth misalignment as shown in the picture.

In case of “Snapmaker Marlin”, the inline is not displayed.
If the same processing is done in this state, there is no jagged misalignment as shown in the photo.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?

There is by now Firmware 1.18.1 - not sure if it changes anything, but perhaps worth a try?

Hi, does anybody know If we can expect such an update for the Artisan as well?
Thank you in advance!

Colin from lightburn is hanging out here sometimes. Maybe he can shine some light too :slight_smile:

Hello, Hauke

I have tried inline laser processing with the new Snapmaker 2.0 firmware Version 1.18.1 in combination with LightBurm 1.40.

Fill 2800mm/m 100% 0.200mm

The result is the same whether the speed is reduced or increased, and the sawtooth shape is the same.

I tried to find parameters that could be adjusted, but none were effective.

Do I need to wait until LightBurm 1.50 for the inline?

Did you read what Hauke wrote in the first message?

I read.
Inline is still available in 1.40 with LightBurn, but it doesn’t work.
So I’ve included both the pictures and the settings screen, but what’s your concern?

I think there are some differences in nuance because I used a translation tool to translate between English and Japanese.

I see, translation indeed can obscure some things.

Not to my understanding, unless you want to use inline power plus rotary. Inline-Power is a feature of the firmware, not of the GCode-Generator. The GCode-Generator needs to issue the right commands, but the interpretation and control of laser power is in the firmware. Since several users report success with inline power, here’s perhaps a way forward: Generate some Laser code with the current version of Luban - it should already make use of inline power, and thus generate GCode that is correct for the SM2. Then create GCode via Lightburn with Inline power enabled, and compare GCode commands. Does Lightburn use the same commands?

I personally currently have other projects on my list, so I guess I’ll wait for LB 1.5 and see how it looks then.

Hello, Hauke

I understand from previous forum posts (brent113) that the inline function is a firmware processing function.

I will try to compare the difference in output between Luban and LightBurn when I have more time.

Also, “I wonder if you are not keeping up with the processing speeds?”
Since there was such a suggestion, I would like to investigate by reducing the machining speed.

As for the B-axis (Rotary), I heard that it will be included in LightBurn 1.50, so I will update my user account after the release and give it a try.

The B-axis is already in 1.4, The problem is: You either need to choose the Snapmaker Marlin (B-axis, but no inline power), or Marlin generic (Inline power, no B-axis). 1.5 will have Snapmaker Marlin with B-axis plus inline power.

IMHO, Lightburn should make it easier for end users to put together their own machine profiles - I do not see any reason why generic Marlin should not allow you to select different axis as well.