Generating g-code for 3d print going into negative space

Hi there -

I just got the snapmaker 2.0 set up and have been trying to create my first 3D print. I found a simple model from thingiverse, opened the file in Luban, set it to “fast print” and the preview looks correct. But once I generate the G Code and and then load it into the workspace, there is this line that goes into the -10, -10 in the workspace. This causes the printer to actually print off the board and then fail.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the workspace. Here is the link to the file from thingiverse. I’ve reproduced this problem on three different models from thingiverse.

What am I doing wrong?



Everything is all right. The Gcode in the beginning purges the nozzle left of the bed. This is the standard behavior of the Slicer embedded in Snapmaker Luban.