G -code wont generate, for laser portrait

hi everyone , first time posting as i have pretty good luck straight out of he box. i am trying to etch a photo on MDF that is 300 mm x 300mm i load edit , set the tool path ( dot filled , ) and it will not generate the g code to export to work space it gets to 60% and then shuts off any thoughts ?

I believe that MDF is on the list of items that you should not be using the laser on, due to the toxic fumes that will be released, namely formaldehyde. If you are going to use MDF, you need a full blown fume extraction and filtering system.

As for the G-code, what version of firmware are you using, and how big is the file? There was a file size limitation that would make it impossible to use large G-code files, but I don’t know if it was fixed. If you are using 1.14.2, and it isn’t working, then it hasn’t been fixed as of yet.

Thanks , i think the file is too big as you indicated. switched to wood as well the \MDF was my test piece but i will not be using that any more as you mentioned the toxic fumes would taste nice

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