Future addon updates - Rotary Encoder

Hi I have been looking through the support pages and forums but I cant find any updates on the future addons specifically the rotary encoder for the cnc module ( not the rotary module ).

is there any word on when this is going to be released or if snapmaker are working on it. The rotary encoder would be a very useful addition for me.

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What exactly would you like to use it for if I may ask? The touch panel has the functions of “remote” movements in the directions of the X, Y and Z axes.

Yes the touchscreen does have controls but they are jerk movements that only move a set distance when you press the button, you dont get a smooth motion unless you program a movement in with gcode via a pc

A rotary encoder will allow you to use the snapmaker almost like a vertical milling machine, where you can move any axis manually whatever distance you like in a single smooth motion by rotating the encoder, which would be easier than programming a move with gcode.

Its just a bit of functionality i wish the touchscreen controls had. If you could hold the button down on the touchscreen for a continuous movement that would be great.

I have seen on the snapmaker website before in pictures and written somewhere that they are planning on creating a rotary encoder but i havent heard any news since.

By rotary encoder I assume you are referring to a WPM pendant?

Hi This is what I am referring to, the picture with the Snapmaker is from the quick start guide showing future addons, there was also reference to it somewhere on the website. the picture below that is what an typical rotary encoder looks like.

That looks pretty rudimentary. I would expect them to charge exorbitantly for it…like they do everything else.

This is actually functional. It will not allow you to fluidly move in multiple directions at once. It’s used to jog the machine into position for probing, etc. You can run the machine in a basically manual mode with it. It handles 4 axis, is wireless, etc. Sub $300. They are made for various cnc platforms. Mine happens to be Centroid.

That looks like exactly what i am after. Did yours work with the snapmaker straight out of the box or did you have to do some sort of programming work around?

This pendant is for my 4 axis Centroid CNC mill in my garage. Should they choose to do so, the Snapmaker folks could provide similar controls via the wired touchpad. I’m sure they would prefer to add a standalone secondary device that they can charge $600 for. LOL. You can find MGP pendants like the one I posted for other CNC controllers, for well under $200.

I went the DIY route and put together a simple rotary encoder unit myself:

Unfortunately I cannot connect it directly through to the serial port on the Snapmaker, since no 5V is provided on the USB connector. I have to bridge the two serial ports on my PC.