Frequency of catastrophic 3dp failures

For background: I have a couple years experience with 3d printing. Built my Ender 3 and upgraded and replaced most of it. I have a very technical background, mostly on the software side. I have had my A350 since September.

Is it just me, or is there something about the SM design which leads to more frequent what I will melodramatically refer to catastrophic failures, specifically with the 3dp tool? I am starting to have some theories as to why, but would like to hear what others think.

I will say in my favor that I’m playing in hard mode: ABS and PETG with some 10"+ square huge surface area flat prints that require excellent adhesion and no warping. Haven’t even loaded up PLA. Results have not been great, and I’m about to do my second “stuck so bad I have to remove the head and pull out the heat gun” cleaning job. Replacing the sock again. I might need new fan cowling, it’s not a happy morning. (Yes, this post is procrastination.)

I’ve printed these same materials on my Ender. Yes, I’ve had some epic fails, but never so often. I think it’s gotta be related to cooling.

Any mods y’all would recommend to help increase my success rates?


Gore pics edit :laughing:

Not sure if you can tell how concave the duct is in this picture. Pretty sure I’m going to need a replacement part. :sob:

Here’s how much filament I removed between the hot block and the housing. I had to do this plugged in hot in order to be able to get to and remove the hot end.

It looked perfect for hours

For starters, it seems that some (many) hot end assemblies were put together incorrectly, causing the nozzle to bottom out on the aluminum block instead of the heat break

This is causing a leak that the material might over time ooze its way out of as it builds pressure.

which is something that is stupid but at least can be addressed by adjustment

i do believe would work with you on a replacement module considering the circumstances.

However, chinese new year is about to hit, so i would try to message ASAP with the pics and reference this post. try to give your order number & address in the initial message in hopes they can squeeze it through real quick.

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For those curious, Support is sending me a new part to arrive this week.


any magic words you used in your support request? I just had a similar thing happen after getting the new “upgraded” printer module. about 10 prints in, catastrophic oozing that actually ended up gouging my heated bed after it shoved the printing surface right off it, too.

I wrote in to support with photos and they responded “The nozzle is an expendable supply…Store your filament in a dry environment” and a link for me to buy a new nozzle.

mind you, I put the old “worse” print head back on the machine and resumed printing just fine after this event, with the same filament.