FormLabs FDM Discount

FormLabs has been running a campaign recently, offering existing 3D printer owners a discount coupon towards their Form 3 or Form 3L systems. This is not a trade-in program, but rather an opportunity to purchase another system to expand that user’s/business’ capabilities.

I know the machine’s “model”, though they also ask for a serial number, where I’m not sure whether Original Snapmakers even have this.

I don’t see one anywhere on the device itself. If you got your device from kickstarter, I’d use my backer number.

My apologies for the delay in replying.

I did not purchase my Snapmaker until after the Kickstarter. I also have the purchase-invoice but, without a proper way to register for one’s warranty on, there’s no way to know which code pertains to an actual machine serial, if there is one.