For sale: Snapmaker 2.0 A350

The Snapmaker series boasts all-metal construction for durability. Connect via Wi-Fi or USB for seamless design uploads and firmware updates. The A350T model automatically resumes printing after power outages. Improved motion control ensures high-quality prints. A filament runout sensor prevents incomplete prints. Laser engraving offers precise 0.2mm × 0.3mm focus. The built-in camera aids in positioning and editing designs. Enjoy a large build volume and stable CNC carving with rthe ER11 collet. Enclosed Linear Modules ensure durability. Snapmaker Luban software simplifies workflows. Compatible with various file types and operating systems. Supports PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, wood, leather, acrylic, and more materials. Emergency stop button and 10W laser upgrade included. My own version of the quick swap (before snapmaker came out with there version). Also comes with the enclosure. Asking price $1500. Pickup in New Holland, PA 17557 with cash payment.

Currently brand new from snapmaker:
A350T: $1100
Enclosure: $400
10W: $300
E-Stop Button: $60
Quick Swap: $150

Total: $2010

Outside of the addition of the accessories like any included filament, bits, etc. and minus official quick swap for home made. Paying full new price for used, wear unknown, equipment seems a bit illogical. You’re also forgoing any form of warranty on the unit.

If you had say, the rotary module as well for the price I could see it, but $1200-1500 would be the asking price I would suggest.

Thank you for your feedback! I hadn’t realized the price difference. Adjusted!

Best of luck. :slight_smile: