Flip X axis LM?

Would it be possible to flip the X-Axis LM so the cable exits the LM on the left? My workspace setup really wants the controller mounted on the left Y LM. I would assume there would have to be a calibration fix to do that?

It is certainly not impossible, but i can not think of any solution that would not involve firmware editing. Main reason: The end stop switch. Even if you would be able to invert X-movement by some calibration parameter, the homing procedure most likely would run into issues, since it makes assumptions on where the endstop is.

Still, that might be my ignorance talking here, perhaps someone has an idea?

Would definitely require a custom firmware edit, and probably a rather involved one at that. The other issue I can see is that the cable from the touchscreen to the controller would not reach, assuming it remains it its stock mounting positions.

The touchscreen can reach if you selectively stretch the coiled cable in the right spots or just get a USB3 extension but a custom firmware edit beyond setting a flag or two is probably beyond what I’m willing to pursue. Not being that familiar with the system I didn’t know if that might be there. May put in a feature request.

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Does this solve the issue

Cura with printer settings add in installed.

Oooo, interesting. Didn’t know that existed. Although, I would fear that because it is a Cura plugin, it may only work for 3D prints sliced with Cura, and will only temporarily change it for each individual print, and not permanently change the machine configuration for laser and CNC use, or when any other slicer is used, or even the next print unless the option is still selected. I have not tested it, so I could very well be wrong, but it is definitely something to look in to.

Yup I don’t claim to know anything about it.
I do think your assumptions are correct.
Just something I noticed when going through the settings one day.

I don’t have a need for it currently but i would like to reverse my x axis some day.

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