Firmware Updates - E step value resetting, and enclosure lighting

I’ve noticed that every few firmware updates, the firmware changes the esteps value to its default E212. From factory I’ve seen many people have issues with underextrusion. If I command the machine from stock, it only pushes 90mm out of the 100 of the command. It’s an easy fix, but annoying that 1) unit shipped with that setting that far off 2) Everytime we update we have to reset that value.

Next update should have an option to automatically turn enclosure lighting on at power up. When changing heads we have to do the initial setup in the dark, before can get to the enclosure options to turn the lighting on.


…and a dimming option as well.


I did a request about tool-change:

Hey, you could dim the enclosure light yourself by:

M1010 S3 P100

  • S0: disable door event
  • S1: enable door event
  • S2: release hold of UART for receiving other PC gcodes
  • S3: set light power, P 0-100%, eg.M1010 S3 P100
  • S4: set fan power, P 0-100%, eg.M1010 S4 P100

I support this! That would be really helpful.


Hi all, I have noted this request and will forward it to our software team. :+1:

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I want be able to change the nozzle and bed temperature during pause in 3D printing.
At least turn off the extruder or set a safe temperature. Pausing with extruder fully heating will cause the nozzle to clog (filament is baking in there).
Last night I wanted to pause a long print and since it was not possible to change the temperatures I shut off the machine and did a recovery this morning.
Since the bed is slightly warping when heated up it resulted in a slight printing error (similar to layer shifting):