Filling the inside of CNC outline

Hello all… another newbie question for anyone who can help. I am a bit mystified in getting Luban to work according to what I think it should be doing from the tooltips it provides. I have a requirement to carve a small pattern into a piece of wood. The file I am trying to use divides a 200 x 100mm carve into two 100 x 100mm carves. The carve will eventually need to be to a depth of around 3~5mm and using a ball end carving bit, I was hoping to graduate and slope the sides outwards (I have no idea how to achieve that end) but the test file was just to confirm the size and position of the pattern to a depth of 1mm before I commit the carver to some really nice wood.

Below is left half of the pattern (100 x100mm) which I wish to carve. The file shown is a jpeg file but I was using an .svg file in Luban.

The next file is the right half of the pattern I wish to carve.

I worked through the options and sent both g code outputs to Camotics to check that they would work ok.

The first screen grab shows that the left hand pattern has been positioned correctly but the fill selection which I had though would remove all of the material inside the line to a depth of 1mm has not happened.

The right hand pattern looks like the screenshot below

Any assistance with this issue would be most welcome. Thank you.

FWIW Luban also crashed after generating the files… I have a crash report of 60 pages in length if one of the engineers wants to take a look at it.

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