Fast Preheat Symbol on the Touchscreen

It would be really nice to have a Preheat Symbol in the main menu, heating up the machine is annoyingly slow and awkward.

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Do you mean it’s inconvenient to tell if the machine is preheating or the preheating process is too slow?

There should be a shortcut symbol in the main menu for pre heating. Right now I have to go to controlles, then the machine is honing then I have so select the hotend and scroll for the right Temperatur then the bed and again scrolling for the right temp.
Would be niche to just have a symbol an the main menu. Press it and then there should be different materials like PLA and ABS and when I press that the the hotend just heats to 200° and the bed to 40° for example

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It’s not a bad idea and I have thought that myself. Saying that, once the machine had booted up I normally load a file then go anyways so I would still have to wait for it to warm up either way.

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Oh I got it. I’ll pass your suggestion to our R&D team :blush:.

It would be far better if your company were to keep its promises and make the source code to the touchscreen available. You’d get a changeset from the community in short order.