Failed to print ABS model with HIPS support

I failed to print an ABS model with HIPS support. After building an inch of height, a corner of the model was wrapped.

Below is the setting that I used:
HIPS 245 degree C
ABS 245 degree C
heated bed 110 degree C
layer thickness: 0.12 mm
both ABS & HIPS speed : 60mm/s
3M blue tape on the glass side of the heated bed

Any suggestions to solve the problem? I tried many times with different settings and felt frustrated.

Was your enclosure closed for the whole print?
Are you sure there was no “airflow” outside the enclosure (open Window, opened the enclosure for a few seconds,…)?
Did you preheat your bed before starting the print? (Every temperature change is critical and causes warping)

Once more, what’s about your first layer?
Speed and photo please!

Yes, the printer is pre-heated and has an enclosure. The temperature is constant at 37 deg C inside the enclosure. Both ABS and HIPS are being heat-dried to 65 deg C before entering the printer. The first layer speed is half of the printing speed, 30mm/s. I have no idea what to do, maybe I will change the other brands of filament.

Photo of the first layer would help. Is it too far away?

Personally if I ran into problems or print a high volume model I print the first layer with half of your speed at 15mm/s.

Never used blue tape but it is mentioned everywhere. I use 3dprint glue stick.

The following can help increase first layer adhesion.
Try printing directly on brunt bed without the blue tape. Try both sides; the glass and the coated surface.
Try using UHU glue stick.
Try lowering the first layer height to .1 or .12 because it’s usually higher in the default settings.
Try slowing the first layer even more than, 20 or so…
Try increasing the bed temp to 75 or even 80.
Try try increasing the flow rate a bit to 105% for the first layer.
Make sure to minimize the fan flow rate (zero for the first layer)
Try decreasing the distance between the first layer lines (forgot what the setting called, sorry).
Try isolating the problem to one of the two filaments, or are they both unsticking?
Finally, the thing the most useful setting could be changing the filament.

He is printing abs and hips with bed temp of 110°C :wink:

Thank you for the advice. I will lower the speed and add glue to try again.

Thank you for your advice.
HIPS does not adhere well to the glass or coated surface. Blue tape improves the adhesion. I will add glue in the next run.
The current layer height is 0.12mm. I will try 0.1mm.
I will try a lower initial layer speed 15mm/s
The bed temp is already 110 deg C.
The flow rate is already set at 120% at the first layer.
The fan is already set always off.
I will check how to change the distance between the first layer line.
I ordered the new filaments and am waiting for them. Later, I will let you know if I can successfully print the ABS with HIPS support.

Usually I print with a higher first layer and would suggest to not print less than 0.2mm because of not level bed surface, but hey 2.0 User here so don’t know your specific machine.

My machine is Artisan. I successfully printed PLA with 0.12mm per layer. So, I think 0.1mm is workable.

Maybe a more oversized brim and then you could also tape the brim down.