Extruder feed check/adjustment

Got a strong feeling, feed amounts are different, so…
How do I get existing values out? Through console??
Some other way?

Do it like extruder calibration:

Heat your hotend and extrude a amount of filament.
Don’t forget to set relative mode with M83.
M83;relative mode
G1 E100 F100; extrude 100mm filament with 100mm/min

So… a few mm difference.
Is it really so, I can’t check the values from annywhere?
Got to guess some “start” value, and seems that this machine requires appr 142 for feeding???
What might be the factory default?

I wonder why these are not visible on LCD?
Would be easy to check and correct.

Why do I feel, development has stopped for this machine…???
There’s still so many “beginners” (missing) features existing.

Anyhow, after this, I realized Z is not in level… No matter, how many times I’ll do levelling, rear right corner is higher.
And, in order to get filament “flattened” on a first layer, feed should be increased at least 20%.
But this willl be an other thread, after I get time to get some pics of it.
And see the difference between different filaments.
Then we get back again to a development… Some of these settings should be realated to “material”.
And “overfeeding” for first layer… where to set it??

You could check your machine settings with M503 input to console.

I am a user like you, pls be nice.

First layer height and first layer width are the main best settings for a good first layer.
If you have a geometric difficult model maybe it is usefull to add a brim or raft.

xchrisd, these comments are not pointing to You.

How do I get any values out from J1?
If I write M503 to the console… I might get an answer, “OK”, only.
With wifi or USB cable.

I guess you need a (newer or) other version of Luban or terminal programm.

As you can see here, the response was working in the past: