Extruder Calibration a must

Thanks I am using the stock nozzle and a ploymake pla filament.

I’m trying to calibrate 3 A350’s, starting with extruder calibration. For one of the units, I get results when I send commands from the console ( e.g. M92 ), but on the other 2 all I get is an OK response. Any idea why I’m not getting data back?


A lot of commands dont work over wifi… you have to connect via USB/Serial for it to work

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Are you on the latest firmware? I thought they added something to allow wifi commands to return a response recently. Maybe not.

Definitely using the latest firmware, yes. The odd thing is that the third machine is my personal one, and I also use Wi-Fi. But it did take a while before I got real data and not just an OK. The other two machines just keep giving me the same thing. I will connect via USB and see if that works.


Try upper case M
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Thank everyone so much!!

I was having the worst time and thinking of getting rid of this thing! From the actual steps to the cleaning hot end/nozzle and saying there should be a tube in there. Mine fell out and I thought all was lost.

One question left. I was not able to get this to work with a F050 (the code I saw from the ‘original’ steps). I calibrated with F200 and got it within 0.1mm (need better calipers, I know). Should this E step work for any speed? even 25mm/s?

Looking to print a few minis and want to use what I have before investing in resin.

Thanks again!

The instructions posted much higher in the thread gave the F300, I also found that this number gave inconsistent result. Slowing down to F100 gave perfectly repeatable results and I was able to calibrate the steps that way.

I can’t find the instruction, could anyone send me a link?

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Here you go: Summary: Extruder calibration a must

Can this be done over wifi in the meantime?

No, I did it few weeks ago, and you still have to connect it with usb.

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Extruder calibration result for new extruder:

E237.50 extrudes exact 100mm of PLA Filament at 215C° - I did several tests to confirm this value.

Slicer Flow still needs to be set to 88% in cura to get reasonably accurate prints.