Exhaust Fan and LED strip controls disappear

Hi all,

I have the A350 2.0, and I’m writing this post as the last resort, because this horrible issue has finally driven me into a wall. For NO GOOD REASON, THE CONTROLS FOR THE LED LIGHT STRIP AND EXHAUST FAN DISAPPEAR AND NEVER COME BACK NO MATTER WHAT!!! WHY?!!! I’ve had this problem since the beginning, with no way to bring it back outside of reopening luban. My power went out during engraving and luckily it remembers the origin, but I cant turn the exhaust fan on and dont want to smoke up my place! Please for the love of God someone provide me a console command to activate the exhaust fan on this god forsaken program. Thank you!

Please enter the command " M1010 " to test if the door detection is off or on. If it is off, you can use the command " M1010 S1 " to turn it on , or turn it off with the command " M1010 S0 ".

Enclosure online: On
Enclosure: Off
Enclosure door: Open
Enclosure light power: 0
Enclosure fan power: 0

M1010 S1
enable door checking!
door is opened!

M1010 S0
disable door checking!

Step 2:
Please enter the command " M1999 " in the console and then the machine will reboot automatically. You can get the start-up info in the console and check if the enclosure is detected:

Configuring Module, MAC ID: 0x005051E3
Basic ID: 0x00377D83
Basic ID: 0x00005685
Basic ID: 0x003778C7
Basic ID: 0x00377C0D
Basic ID: 0x00377C17
Basic ID: 0x00377CD5
Extend ID: 0x005051E3
grid manual
X:23 - 137
Y:18 - 152
PL: first free block index: 3
PL: first non-free block index: 3
PL: data has been masked
PL: next write index: 4
PL: Unavailable data!
3DPRINT Module
Chamber is connected
Finish init