Exchange SM2 Laser Head Lens?


I was wondering if anyone got some details about the lens system used with the SM2 laser head.
Is it a 3EL, G2, G7, G8 or maybe something else? Are there any details about it available?
Numerical aperture, EFL, transmittance, back focal length, spot size, …?
Is it possible to change the attached lens with some M9x0.5 lens? Like this one for example?

The standard focal length of the laser module is about 15mm/0.59’’. There is a shade tube under the lens, and we do not count its length.

After reading Acclaim-Crafts-Endurance-Lasers-Lens-Pack-Comparison.pdf, I cannot find the proper type for Snapmaker Laser module.

We have not tried any methods to exchange the lens.


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Thank you for the insight.

I am not able to find the 0.59" focus length in the given table. Would you mind to clarify which one you have in mind?

Sorry for the typo. I just corrected that sentence

Focal length standard: 15mm
Focus size ≤0.5mm