Engraving Fine Text onto Metal Plate

hello - we have been trying to engrave onto ID plates - ranging from copper to brass plates. the CNC tools that came with the SM are too large and i was wondering if anyone has had any luck finding bits that are small enough for fine text engraving.

thank you.

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Try something like this:

(probably from a different source due to cost)

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that looks like a good option MooseJuice.

will check it out and see how it goes. thank you.

Might want to try these:

Work well on slate and marble. Haven’t tried yet on metal.


thanks again for the suggestions. i do have another question relating to this. we found a small engraving tool from an old dremel and used this as a test. the problem we have is finding a font that does not print bold - even using the lightest font we can find still seems to make the engraver either run an outline or fill the font - resulting in a thicker outcome than we desire.

please see this image as reference:

on the aluminium plate the lower left words SnapTRAM - were done using the standard text field in Luban - we tried to find the lightest font possible - but it still prints it quite thick.

the copper plate on the right was from a graphic i created in CorelDraw where i had to manually create and then export the text using a single thin line. this resulted in the thickness and look we want but is much more labour intensive.

so i am wondering if there is any easy way to get this much thinner effect on the text by use of a setting - maybe something we are missing?


For best results, you will need to use 3rd party software at this time.

Luban isn’t great.

There is a “prerelease” version of luban in the forum, which has some fixes to it. It may help with this some.

luban doesnt handle fonts well. files that arent images (vector art) should have text converted to lines or the same will happen.

What you want is called a single line font. There used to be some free ones but most are pay for now.

great - thanks Thick8 - just found a couple at a reasonable price. can’t wait to try it!

thanks MooseJuice - yes the bit we tried was just for a quick trial and going into soft metal we thought it would be ok.

for future engraving i am lookng at these bits wich seem well priced:

again i am hoping the single line font will make a difference to the thickness as this will greatly speed up the process - given every label has its own serial number we want to reduce the need to export / import every one.


I ordered this, havent used yet but i guess this is what you are looking for:

Those look like my drillbits to clean my nozzles hehe

Hi MooseJuice

I’m trying to engrave text on acrylic but am very new to this. Luban seems not to accept the target depth I’m setting. I wanted to try different depths but it seem to jump back to 2mm when I’m not looking and wont save my atempted changes to depth?

Any thoughts? Apologies if this is a newbee question but at the moment I don’t get what to do.


Sometimes Luban doesn’t accept a numeric entry if you don’t hit tab or return.


sorry mate havent tried cnc yet. sdj544 suggested something above me tho.

I use 2 color acrylic (black on white) that I laser text onto. Works great.