Enclosure door not pausing prints

I’ve got the enclosure with the door sensor but I’ve found that on opening the door it doesn’t pause the laser.
So far all my work has been done via the computer rather than a USB stick onboard. Does the pause only happen if it’s running internally?

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I don’t have an enclosure, but there are some basics.

What version of the firmware are you using? If I recall correctly, you want at least version 2.6, and version 2.11 has more features.

If you have firmware 2.11, one of the features is

Optimized user experience of the V1.1 enclosure. After opening the door detection switch, weak light focusing can be used even when the door is opened.

Is it possible that you’re running the module as a low enough power setting that it doesn’t trigger the pause?

Thanks for the reply.
I’m running 2.11 so that shouldn’t be an issue.
And no, I have the power turned down to 0.4 or 0.5 when positioning and focusing (which I set manually) but when I am running a job it’s at anything from 75-100% power and nothing changes when I open the doors.

Are you sure the enclosure switch is connected correctly to the controller? According to the installation instructions (page 23), it should be plugged into port 4. Give it a tug to make sure it’s connected solidly on both sides.

IIRC, there’s not a lot of way to screw that up. Try unplugging and replugging the both ends of the cable?

From the pictures, I can’t tell if the enclosure switch is physical or magnetic.

If reconnecting didn’t work, I would remove the switch, and hold it in your hand. Obviously the laser should not start like this. If it does, there’s something wrong in the connection or with the switch. If that makes it not start (good), then figure out how to “close the enclosure”. Either push the buttons, or put a magnet in front of the switch, until the laser does turn on. Now “open the enclosure”. If the laser doesn’t turn off, you have a defective switch.

Also, have you toggled the function on in the software? This can only be set while the Laptop or other computer running the SM software is physically connected to the printer, as this setting needs to be written into the controller.:thinking:

Aah this will be it. I had no idea this was necessary. What do I need to enter?

The Instructions are in the release notes of the software.
Follow the links.