Enclosue: Lights go off when unplugging the toolhead

Hi Snapmakers,
I wanted to change the Toolhead - and yes, I’m aware that the recommendation is to have the printer off when doing so. But I thought: Hey, having the light in the enclosure would make switching the head so much easier. And unplugging the head - what can possibly go wrong as long as I take care the cable does not touch anything and shotens power…
So I unplugged the toolhead cable - and snip lights in the enclosure went off and refused to go on again.
Is there a way to change this behaviour? It would be great to have a chance to have enclosure light when working on the printer…

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My workarround is as follow:

  • when mashine is off, unplug the mounted Toolhead, and plug in the other toolhead.
  • Turn mashine on, Turn light on, unscrew the mounted toolhead, and mount the other toolhead with the cable plugged in.

Yeah, good idea. Simple and easy…

I think I’d have to rewire it with a separate power supply if I had one.
Another reason I’m glad I built my own.