DXF import units (scale) issue

Hi there!

I can’t figure what units are used when Luban imports a dxf for laser engraving…

Image designed in Autocad in millimeters (~150mm width)
imports as 20x10mm image to Luban.

I don’t want to scale it manually as I import it to Luban. I’m sure there is a logical explanation for this.


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I expect it’s the same bug in Luban that causes SVG files to be improperly scaled on import:

You can use a version of Luban from before the bug cropped up (although you lose some other fixes that way) or switch to Lightburn to generate gcode for laser work.

Thanks, I’ve seen that post but hoped that was only the case for SVG… I’ll try Lightburn.

Same for me. Trying to import DXF file into Luban Version 3.13.1 ( and it turns out at different scale (about 7.3 : 1).

On Github (open source platform) there is a ticket for this problem: [BUG] Wrong scaling of DXF drawings version issue from 3.9 - 3.12.3 · Issue #632 · Snapmaker/Luban · GitHub
I did a bit of source code analysis and added a comment there. Hopefully this will help to fix the issue.

BTW: If you need to fix the width in Luban you should actually put in 2 mm more than your original dxf object width because Luban is adding a 1mm border to it when importing.

Has there been any further progress towards a solution on this?
I was hoping Lucan 4.0 would have a fix, but I’m seeing the same scaling issue when opening DXF files.

I don’t know if this is the same issue but when I import my .dxf file it seems to be importing correctly (close enough), but when I do the actual laser cutting my part comes out way off the scale. The original dimension is 59.824mm but the cut dimension is 54.71mm is there a way to calibrate the XY movements or is this even the same issue with the imported files not scaling properly?

I was having this problem but I figured it out! At least for me- I was exporting from illustrator - I have to be sure that my rulers/units are in millimeters and when I choose the export settings I have to make sure 1mm=1unit.