Dual Extruder sensor loose?

After installing the quick change kit, I’ve been having LOTS of problems getting a print to complete (see my example). I re-did the bed leveling many times, and even slogged through a manual level calibration, but no bueno :frowning:
I removed the dual extruder and looked at it, and the sensor(?) that I guess measures the distance to the bed is very loose!
My question (I assume it isn’t supposed to be so loose) is how to re-attach the sensor to the print head? Should it be glued (I doubt it), or is there some preferred method? PLEASE enlighten me :slight_smile:

I see this at my dual extruder toolhead too.
I guess we have to reach out to Snapmaker support.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find a wiki solution.

It is fixed with only one screw and it seems broken in your case…
If you unscrew the cooling duct the screw should be visible to you.

Thanks xchrisd, I removed the cooling duct and found the screw was still tight, but the plastic body had cracked above the screw…so, I figured my only ‘official’ fix was to get a new one so I figured ‘what the heck’ and went ahead and super-blued it together. After everything is set up again I’ll put it all back together and try again. n

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