Dual Extruder Hot End replacement/ installation

I was having difficulty replacing the left side hot end assembly on my Snapmaker 2.0 dual extruder. I broke the existing hot end trying to force some PETG through it at PLA temps. So it clogged. So I ordered a new hot end assembly and waited.

The difficulty was that, when I tried to install the new Hot End Assembly, it seemed that the space that is available to receive the replacement unity in the dual extruder module was too small when comparing to the right side. The issue was resolved when I noticed that a metal tube that feeds the filament from the top had somehow displaced lower than the right side. This is a very slight deviation (maybe just a couple of mm downward) but enough to prevent installation of the replacement hot end assembly. After I powered down for the umpteenth time, I took the whole module to my bench, turned it upside down and I simply took a flat blade screw driver and gently pushed it back.

I think the tube that was found to be slightly out of place was dislodged when I tried to clear out the clog mentioned above.

Now If I could just get a replacement teflon tube that lines the throat of these dual extruder hot ends, I could repair the formally clogged hot end and have it as a spare.

Maybe this topic helps: