Dual Extruder First Layer Issue

Has anybody posted an 11x11 macro for copy and paste for the A350 in Luban? Worried I might do something wrong

Does this help? 11x11 calibration with heated bed possible?
Not a Macro, but the commands… However, be aware that 11x11 currently does not work with the dual extruder :frowning: Bed Leveling/Adhesion Issues for the Dual Extruder - #5 by Jameracho

I have the same issue!

My prints are coming out exactly the same way. This is frustrating!!

For whatever reason SM can’t get the auto Z-offset right. So during your print you need to manually set the Z down, around -.3 to -.4 mm.

During the print, swipe right on the touchscreen and manually adjust the Z down until the print is correct.

See @Hauke’s explanation above.

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