Dual extruder filament feeding problem / Expanding filament Size

Filament size change after a time under pressure to 1,98 mm normally it should be 1,75. After expanding geometry of filament become impossible to push it back to hotend. First i try to close retraction, but didint worked out. When this happens extruder makes sounds like ‘clik clik’ then stops feeding. To countinue printing i need to take filament out and cut that area then it countinues fine for a while. I try many things like wedge, heat, filament chance etc. etc. but nothing worked. Filament stucks in guide tube which places in coller profile and stucks there.

Ps. I cannot upload photo and video becouse i am new in here .

You should buy better quality filament, this is normally ±0.02mm accurate.

I try it with many filaments like snapmaker black pla, esun blue and basf ultrafuse. I commonly use basf and i was happy with it.

Maybe filament is expanding because of heat creep? Do you have the new door installed?
I cant remember if that was for snapmaker 2.0 or artisan or perhaps both, but it helps with heat creap problems…

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