Does someone know shop where to buy silicat glass bed for A350

Hi community,

this night I had a little printer accident that destroyed my glass bed. I had one in spare but now I need a new one for the next accident. The shop/shipper where I bought it does not exist anymore (Snapmaker 2 A350 Bauen Platte 334x364x3 MM Frosted Borosilikatglas Bauen Platte 3d Drucker impressora 3d besser Haftung|3D Printer Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress) and I realy want to have one that exactly fits and is about 3mm thick not a smaler one like this for the Ender printers.
So where did you get yours from?

Here are The still :

  1. link:

  2. link: 334mm x 364mm Borosilicate Glass Plate for Snapmaker A350 3D Printer

Hope that helps you further!

Hi Reiner,

the first one is the store “YUANSHU-TECH Store” selling on aliexpress I already mentioned. This store closed some month ago and you can not order anymore.

I will have a look on your second one. Did you already ordered there?
In the past I had some bad luck with US-Imports, but lets see.


Hi Thomas,

no have ordered there yet nothing, were only the sites I found the glass in your desired size have!

Ordered it to Sweden and already have it at home, but haven’t installed it yet. Seems very Good and others on this forum have recommended the same product.

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Thanks Adam.
Could you tell me if this one is frosted on one side or plane on both?

It’s clear and smooth on both sides

Amazon has a silicate glass specifically for the A350. GO-3D PRINT 334mm x 364mm Borosilicate Glass Plate for Snapmaker A350 3D Printer : Industrial & Scientific

I bought it and it is exactly the right size. It is also stupid flat. My prints have never been better.