10 Laser edge Borosilicate Glass for 3d print

I’m using a Borosilicate Glass plate for 3d printing on the snapmaker a350 which is absolutely genius, but needs 3dlac to stick…as I have the 10w laser module, I consider using it to edge the surface for a better stick like creality…has someone tried that? Here the plate: GO-3D PRINT 334 mm x 364 mm Borosilikatglasplatte für Snapmaker A350 3D-Drucker https://amzn.eu/d/3PD4n3K

Are you saying trying to laser the surface of the glass? The blue diode passes right through clear glass, you’d end up burning whatever was under the glass. Unless you coated it with something first like a spray paint, dry moly, etc. But then the ‘engrave’ would be fractures in the glass, and I’m sure a 3d print would tear into it. Creality uses a coated glass bed, not laser etched.

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Okay great thanks for the clarification =) So it’s a bad idea right?

Yeah, don’t do that. I’ve had great success with a dual sided pei sheet (smooth on one side for PLA/ASA and textured on the other for PETG/TPU). brand is energetic on aliexpress.