Delivery issues

I am getting alarmed. Two orders NO PRODUCTS DELIVERED!!!
Order 1 Sept 27, 2022
On 9-27-2022 I ordered:
Snapmaker Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module × 1 $369.00
Hot End for Dual Extrusion Module × 1
Hardened 0.4mm $54.99
I also ordered a new platform
Order 2: 1-19-2023 but was expected it may take a bit.
A350 improved platform.

Anyone else having issues?

The improved platform is sent from China. Can last Up to few weeks to delivery. tells that the 27. is Limit of Charge #1 for the dual extruder but maybe through time zone you are in the later charge and that will be shipped these days. Did you already asked
Never Had problems with snapmaker, neither store nor support buy.