Defect - Luban ignores text justification

Note that Alignment is set to Left.

When text is changed, the text is resized on the center instead of keeping the left edge.

Luban 4.10.2

The alignment will just define where the next line will be positioned in relation to other lines inside the same text box.
It does not define the reference point where the origin of the textbox is. This is always and everywhere exactly the center of the whole textbox.
I won’t name it a bug. But you are right, it is hard to arrange multiple textboxes in one line. But you will also have other problems with textboxes like different textsizes. Try to use one textbox to have good alginment and constant textsize.

You can sent improvement proposals to Posting it here in forum will never change anything. This is a user community and snapmaker is not really present here.

If each text block will be run with a different setting, then putting them in one block is not viable.

Will send them to support email too, but I think there is value in reporting defects to the forum and having the community know they exist and whether they get fixed.