Cutting Acryllic with CNC

Any suggestions for feed rate with a 1/32" bit? I’ve been creating the gcode with Carbide Create and my experience is that it tends to be a bit aggressive with the feed rate.

I hunted around in the old threads but couldn’t find any definitive feed-rate vs material kind of data.

Acrylic should be cut with bits made for plastic; they have zero or negative rake angles as a rule. Melting can be problematic with acrylic specifically, which is where the high feed rates come from. Negative rake angles also lower friction contact with the spinning bit, reducing heat from that friction.

There plenty of process information about milling plastics out there; you don’t need to remain on this forum to find it.

There’s also a big difference between cutting cast acrylic vs. extruded.
You’re going to want cast for both cnc and laser.
Most cheap home warehouse stuff is going to be extruded.

Here’s some info:

Overall you need to keep speeds up to keep melting down which means you might need less step-down than you’re using.


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