Cnc cut acrylic


After working with 3d printing I want to use the CNC module for the first time. My goal is to create some simple boxes with acrylic.

As far my search, I know I would need to use cast acrylic. I will probably use 1 or 2mm thick transparent acrylic for this. Since I only find settings to cut acrylic with laser which obviously cant be achieved in transparent acrilic, I need your help for some things:
1 - Are those bits right to cut acrylic? ( or do you suggest other bits? (Better or other brand)
2 - which setting should I use?
3 - any other things I would need? Please take in mind this would be the first time I will use CNC.
4 - I trying to create a finger joint box. Any good source for this? Designing one from scracth seems “overkill”.


We have added the default profile in Snapmaker Luban 3.15.1.

Thanks for your answer. Just waiting for some updates for my other questions if other people could help :slight_smile: thanks!



When the circumferential speed is high, the acrylic adheres to the end mill due to frictional heat and grows.
Please note that it will then break off.
I have been using corn blades lately.

Its supposed to use the flat end mill that came with snapmaker to cut acrylic?

@Blockmodule You’ve been using those on acrylic?
I like using them on some wood carving but I would’ve assumed that the burrs would quickly get gummed up with the melted acrylic.


It does indeed melt.
It is very difficult to condition the infeed/movement speed and rotation speed.

Even a small change in thickness puts a lot of stress on the end mill.