Cura Retraction Settings

So I know that the retraction settings in Luban, 5.0mm distance 60.0mm speed, is too high but for some reason is what it needs to be if using Luban. But what about Cura, what are the proper retraction settings for the Snapmaker when using Cura? 5mm is way too high, what should it be at?

You should test yourself with a test tower. Teaching tech has a good tool. There’s others too.

Should be in the 1mm range in my opinion, others have other opinions.


Hi Brent,

Not sure why, but when I do the same retraction test tower from Teaching Tech → I find that 5mm retraction distance is correct and around 50mm/sec. My petg prints have very little stringing even at 230degC. A lot of people on this forum are saying that 5mm setting is too high, I lowered it to 3mm and the stringing came back. Then I found myself bringing it back to 5mm where it seems to work. Is there any long term bad effect that can creep in if I leave my setting at 5mm?

Stringing is affected by more than just retraction amount. And did you try lower then 3mm? Regardless, if you’re happy with the results then it’s fine.

I use Cura. Tried 3mm, but results were not good. So moved back to 5mm. Not sure if there is a Cura setting that stops the movement over open spaces to limit the movement distance?

Look at combing, I think that is what you are looking for. Should be under travel → combing mode

Bobby are you saying combing should be on? If so what settings should I try?

Cura has a manual, you should read through it.

Additionally all3dp has good articles about most Cura settings:

You should try all of the settings until you find a combination that gives you the result you’re looking for.

Personally I haven’t used combing before, but it’s a not a bad thing to try. It appears there is a default of 8mm for combing in Cura for the PETG profile. Maybe start by verifying that.

Hi Brent,

Combing is already enabled in my Cura. Just thought of something - could it be that my PTFE tubing from my spool to the print head cause issues with the retraction as it will obviously provide some friction when it tries to retract?

Will try to remove the PTFE tube all together to see if it makes a difference…

That’s not a good idea

You could also try drying your filament, and see if that helps. As @brent113 said originally though, if your 5mm retraction settings work for you, you don’t have to change them regardless of “conventional wisdom”.