Petg is stringing a bit

Hi, I’m using blue PETG for my model, but it tends to string a little, and it could potentially rip the model of the build plate. Any tips?

My retraction settings are on 1 mm.

Drying the filament can help.
Can also increase the retraction a little, perhaps by 0.5. You can also increase retraction speed perhaps up to 35.
You can also turn on combing.
Here’s an article that can be of benefit.


Cura Retraction Settings: How to Avoid Stringing


Hope these settings help.

Is combing only available in Cura or also in Luban.
And what do you mean by drying the filament.

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Many filaments can pick up moisture from the air. Drying is just heating it up to get that moisture to evaporate. For PETG, don’t go above 60ºC when drying.