Creating G-Code in Luban

I am very new to all of this type of work. I have had some success now two tries. Lasering a Photo of my cat. took about 7 hours. but the detail is not their. I have seen photos of finished product from Luban. and they are 80% better than mine. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I am using the gray scale. and 1500 work speed. and normal quality. 5 dot. but Not very happy with turn out. this is the 1600nw laser, and this is the SM A350. any one have any advise. still working on test. Have cut more Panels to practice on. any Help would be accepted with humble Humility and gratitude. Thanks, Master Crafter.

For the most detail you need to make sure that the density is set to the highest setting: 10 for b&w and grayscale, 20 for vector. Not sure why anyone would ever want to use halftone.
I find it helps to use another program to convert your photo to grayscale before importing to Luban. Gimp is free and has a really good menu option under their ‘colors’ menu ‘desaturate’->‘color to gray’. It has some really nice adjustments to deal with converting the contrast and brightness. You need a good range of contrast for a good laser image. If your cat is all black you’re going to have a tough time no matter what.
If you want to share your photo we can take a look at it and give some more advice.
Lastly, the choice of algorithm makes a big difference. The preview is bad but you can kind of get an idea of how much detail in the whites vs. the black and how contrasty the image will be when you choose the different options. I tend to favor either Atkinson or Floyd-Steinburg but it depends on the image.


Thank you so much for the information. I am assuming the program you are referring to is, never heard of it. however I will try it. and you are saying to transfer from my computer folder into the gimp program and convert to gray scale, then save on computer and then input to luban. the cat is yellow and white. more yellow. she just past a few days ago. we are trying to make a little something to remember her by. Humility and gratitude, Master Crafter

SDj544: I tried you suggestions last night. still in the process of lasing 17 hour product. I keep thinking back to the comments I read in one of the notes in the forum, What you see is what you get. when I put the flash drive into the device. and get the file from the touch screen, sometimes I can see the item i am going to laser, but it has a blue color on it. sometimes it is darker and some times it is lighter. Now when it is lighter I think I get a better product. have you found this to be true. by the way the definition is way better with your suggestion. any thing else you might have knowledge of in using Luban?