Controller Fan noise

From what you guys are telling, this seems to be the same problem than those big fans for CPUs had (the fans are quite similar, the only difference is size). I would try to spray a little bit of lubricating oil.

I’ve had this same issue, the fan on the controller makes an odd whining or grinding noise on cold startup, lasts about 20-30 seconds, then tapers off as the fan warms up. I am hesitant to spray anything into the controller, especially as this is a fairly new machine with only about 45-50 hours of printing done on it.

@chadbarba some noise is to be expected, especially as the axes move- perhaps a video of it running (with sound, obviously lol) would help determine if it’s the standard level of noise? or search on youtube, a few Makers have shared videos of their machines running, I realize that volume is relative, but it may give you an idea of what’s normal…

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Hi all,

Thank you for your feedback!
I am following this thread and will provide a solution after I have a discussion with the team.

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Mine seems to be getting worse, as two days ago it started periodically grinding loud enough to hear from the other end of the house. Noise would continue for 30-45 seconds and stop again for 15-20 minutes. Have since shut it off again, but I’d like to use my snapmaker not have it just sitting on the desk :frowning:

I’m still having this issue as well, though I have not been doing much with the Snapmaker. Every time I turn it on though, the controller fan is loud for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then gets quieter.

My controller fan is now always noisy. Doesn’t matter how long it’s been running for or if I just switched it on - same annoying loud grinding/buzzing. Pretty sure the bearing is gone and needs to be replaced. Looks like the 25mm fan is permanently mounted to the inside of the controller housing?.. it would of been nice if it was just screwed in so we can all easily replace the fan.

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The fans are extremely noisy because they are very small and have to do a lot of rpm do get a decent air flow. You can easily replace them by 24V 40mm fans. They are much more quiet, but for the board you will need a new housing. I will share my results, when I finished a good design.
Another problem are the steppers. Unfortunatelly they are integrated on the board and cannot be replaced by silent tmc step sticks.

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I’m having the same issue, when i first go the printer on 6/1 the fan made noise but it was a normal noise. Now its making a grinding noise thats much louder. Rainie this seems to be a common issue, can we get an answer on how you’ll fix this?

Hi all,

Yes, this is a common problem. We have used fans from another brand since January this year, which should not make unbearable noise. If your Snapmaker is still making unbearable noise, please fill in the warranty request at Please provide the following information in your request:

  1. The color of the label on the fan next to the nozzle. It should be either blue or green.
  2. A short video to show us where the noise is from and how noisy it is.

Our support team will send you new fans after the request is verified.

Keep having fun!

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Hi Rainie,

What spec are the various fans - in case we want to look at alternatives?


Hi Harry,

Here are the specs:

  1. The fan next to the nozzle: 25 x 25 x 10 mm, 24 V;
  2. The fan inside the 3D Printing Module next to the heat sink: 30 x 30 x 10 mm, 24 V.
  3. The fan inside the controller: 25 x 25 x 10 mm, 24 V;

Here are the videos you can refer to when you replace the fans:

  1. The fan next to the nozzle:
  2. The fan inside the controller:
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I’ve successfully reduced the noise of the controller fan by printing a new controller case (not on the SM1 since the machine is too small):


Did you by chance finish your design? My fans are driving everyone in my house mad and I am keen to try something to make this noise monster quieter.

The best and easiest way to get rid of the noise imo is to properly install a bigger and quieter fan outside the case, instead of inside since there’s no much room. An adapter can be easily made for this purpose if required, on the Snapmaker itself, without having to replace the whole controller case.
Using an optional fan grill can enhance the look of the installation.
Too bad the fans on the Snapmaker are all working on 24v: that excludes the Noctua fans which are really awesome!

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Hello, any suggestions on alternate fans which are much quieter? Like @Denus mentioned, Noctua is out of consideration as they are 12v. Are there any other simpler alternates?

Hi All,
I successfully modified my controller and DRASTICALLY reduced the noise of my unit. My wife even lets me run it inside now.
Here is what I did:

  • I removed a large piece of the plastic housing as well as the original fan.
  • I placed 2x 12v Noctura 40mm fans in series blowing in the same orientation as the original fan. I glued the fans in place. which isn’t the most elegant solution, but works just fine.

Results: I used my laser thermometer gun to measure the temperature during a really long print and I am seeing consistently a 10-degree Celcius drop across the controller compared to the original fan.I am measuring the temperature at the small outlets near the plugs, and across the outer cover.

Here are some photos:
Photos of New Fans


Nice @gostout,
how did you manage to run 12V Fans with the 24V Outlet of the Controller?

@matt I just wired them in series, so the effective voltage drop across each individual fan is 12v. They purr along happily attached to the 24v outlet. I’ve probably logged 100+ hours of printing with no issue on this set up.


I love electrical engineering !!!

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