Collecting printer settings for different filament materials/brands

Hi @rojaljelly

What if any fumes comes off the PET(G)…how toxic is it and is ventilation required?

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Justin, a huge thanks for this reference. For other newbies like myself if you do a Thingiverse search using “3D Print Test” you will receive a list of a number interesting projects to print and see what your Snapmaker can do.

Here are just a few:

Keep having fun

Hi Doug
PET is non toxic. We use it as drinking bottles and even for stents.
I suggest using the fan starting from layer 4 at 50% speed.

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Hi @rojaljelly

Thanks for the advice, truly appreciated. i will get some to try.

On another question. I am having my very first foray into using Cura to print directly to the Snapmaker. I used the Start and End gcodes from the forum and I sent a print and it started on the very front left corner of the build plate and actually ran to the left of the plate. Is there some origin setting that I need to do?

thanks in advance

UPDATE, I had Origin at center selected, turned that off and I am off and running.


I tried a semiflex material on my Ultimaker but it is a little tricky to handle.
But it should work on the Snapmaker just fine because of the direct feeder.
The problem I had was the leaking. Retraction didn’t work at this first try with my other printer so I used very fast travel speed and coasting. I successfully printed one part but I wasn’t happy with the result. I think this semiflex material should be printed at 100% infill for functional parts I want to produce.

I still have so many spools of filament (PLA and PET) at home and so little time for using them up. But I will try other materials later this year.


Hi @rojaljelly

Just a short message to say that I did my very first print to the Snapmaker from Cura. Initially I had a problem with the starting origin and fixed that. All went well.

It was interesting I printed the overhang test from Thingiverse using Snapmaker3D then I ran it from Cura.The Cura version was a noticeable improvement in quality.

hahahaha, I am learning to crawl faster… still a way to go before I can walk, but I am one happy baby.

Thanks for your postings, my education is being improved daily.

Take care and have a good week.



New to 3D printing but experimented the wood filament this week and found it amazing. Believe this is the right forum to share with you a picture and the settings I used:

Printing temp 195ºC as recommended by manufacturer -
Heated bed - 30º
Printing speed 40mm/s
Retraction speed 20 mm/s and distance 1mm