CNC Vacuum Advice

Hello everyone…
I would like to get a vacuum for my artisan and would like to know how to choose one.

My understanding is that regular vacuums shouldn’t be used as they can get clogged…

What are the necessary things to keep in mind when I get one and any specific suggestions for a small unit for a home office?
Thanks in advance…

Any small shop vac with a replaceable bag/filter will work.

Something like this:


Thank you. Very informative.

I’m based in Australia, so I am not sure if you have access to Ryobi products where you’re located OP, but they make a pretty decent M-class 30L dust extractor vacuum which includes a HEPA filter. I live in an apartment myself.

Depending on the materials you intend on cutting, an M-Class extractor might be a viable option, especially if you’re considering cutting Carbon Fiber or G10. The M-Class rating is aimed at dangerous dusts like Silica and Fiberglass.

I got mine to fit underneath a standard height desk. It’s pretty loud (about 75-80dBA, so wear hearing protection if you’re in its presence for a long time) but it’s no louder than a regular bag-style vacuum cleaner.

I 3D Printed an attachment and fittings to connect to a 19mm CPAP hose, which then connects to a through-desk adapter which connects to the vacuum so I can remove it if i’m trimming down stock to fit the printer.


Great advice, thank you… will look for that.

Hi! Can you share your design? I really want some kind of dust collector!

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Yo! Apologies for the delay on this one.

I have a design for a dust collection shoe mod for the 200W CNC on my website