CNC Problems - Fault Handling

I am a beginner, as will be evidenced by some of the rookie mistakes I’ll describe below. I just got my Snapmaker 2.0 A350 a few days ago. I’ve been working through the three functions. CNC was last and I tried the sample phone holder project on the black acrylic provided. My experience was “less than stellar” to say the least. I’m sure it’s my fault but I was expecting/hoping for a bit more fault handling. My first mistake was pressing the “go to work origin” before I set the work origin. So, the machine proceeded to move across the plane of the work surface and the x axis linear column hit one of the hold down clamps and kept going until it bent the screw over. I’m not sure it would have stopped at all until I pressed pause or cancel. Doesn’t the machine have any safeguards to stop when it meets with that much resistance?
Then, after the cutting job completed I noticed that one piece appeared to not be cut all the way through. It appears that my work surface isn’t completely level, but that’s a different issue. I hadn’t moved the material so I wanted to try to run the job again with the cut depth a little bit deeper. My first mistake was guessing, but I changed the “target depth” in the configuration from 3.2 to 3.6 mm thinking this would cause the final cut to be 0.4 mm deeper than before. In my mind the worst case would be that it would cut into the work surface a little bit. So, I started the job and the cutting head immediately went straight down on the z axis driving the bit down through the work surface all the way down to the collet. Again, it showed no sign of stopping until I pressed pause or cancel.
I’m more concerned with why this last thing happened, i.e. what did I do wrong with the depth setting change? But also interested in if there is a setting somewhere that will safeguard the machine when it meets with an immovable object.

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In the last case, probably you accidentally changed the workorigin in some way.

As for safeguards : you are the most important safeguard. Ready with your finger near the power button when you start the job.