CNC not cutting through evenly

So jumped into the CNC today and having a strange problem. Hoping someone can help. Set up the A350 for CNC, wasteboard installed and screwed down tight. .25" MDF attached to waste board. I have tried cutting a large shape, like 8" round at 6.37mm, 6.4mm, 6.55mm and it cuts incredibly well. EXCEPT that it only cuts through on the right side of the cut. The left side is not cut through. That was why i increased the depth to cut because i thought that the wasteboard was not level or that my materials was not milled even … but eveytime i cut i get the same results … HELP!

George S

Did you calibrate the z-axis ?

do you mean setting up the home and such? If so, then yes. I couldnt find any information on how to calibrate the bed other then that.

Can you share a picture of the CNC result? Also, share your CNC gcode, please.

I am have the same issue. I have read multiple posts with it as well. Seems like the bed mount is lower on the left side then the right. My CNC cutting will cut on the right side of my material and float above the left

This is a well known problem in diy cnc. A work around that does not involve modifying the machine is by making your own waste board or just an additional kind of platform on the SM waste board.

So basically you place a plate on the machine and flat mill it completely. So now you have a work platform that is for sure parallel to the XY axis.

This method is almost a must if you want to do double sided cnc. It is a bit of initial setup but I believe it will save you tons of pain later…

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I have the same problem. Except it is on the right side. Difference possibly of 1 mm

I’m hoping I don’t have to mill the whole platform

Two things:

Can you photo your assembly for us

and also, you can look at tramming your x axis, it might be a little crooked. i just learned that trick the other day from brent

Carriage Tolerances - Unusable Over Distance >75mm From Center

edit: dang it stefix got me again

oh well maybe someone will find it useful hehe

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