CNC Head travels with no cutting criss cross

Why is the head traveling criss cross without cutting?

see Video Transfer - Dropbox

Thanks for your suggestions.


Not enough info really. We need a picture of what it’s supposed to be cutting.

Have you looked at the video? You see the carved lines.
But here is a picture of the piece that is cutted.


Here on the video you see everything better now.

It takes two hours of carving while traveling doing nothing for 1,5 hours.

Thank you

At first, it looks like the wrong cutting method/toolpath type.
But may be an incompatibilty between the image type and the above.
Can you show some screenshots of the Luban setup.

Thank you, here are my settings.

Hope this helps.


It is a dxf - File.

Maybe this is handled so strange…

It looks like Luban sees the curves as separate pieces.
Does it do the same with outside the path? You won’t have to cut the wood to test it, just look at the preview.
Of course, with a stepdown of 0.5mm, it will do everything 17 times.
I wonder how Fusion 360 would treat the toolpath?..

Hm, I do not have Fusion 360 available.

Which vector format should I use with this strange Luban-Program. Do they use this program at snapmaker, what you think.

The dxf-Format is loaded in Luban with the original size. When I convert the dxf with Adobe Illustrator to SVG it does not keep the size.

Which format should I use?

Fusion 360 is free for personal use, but needs a bit of learning.

Regardless of size, you should see if the SVG is better by looking at the toolpath preview: do you see the same criss-crossing?

Regarding the size; take a note of the size of your DXF file when it is in Luban. And then when you load the SVG separately you can adjust the size by entering the size of the DXF in the box shown below.

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DXF is ancient format. Curves are made up of multiple small (usually unconnected) segments. Converting DXF to SVG won’t help. Just redraw the file from scratch in Illustrator and export as SVG.

Can Illustrator create dimensionally-important images?

I create it with shapr3d.

It is a bitty that a company like snapmaker is creating cool hardware and with luban such lame software.

I will just live with this criss cross because nothing else is possible.
Creating PNG from DXF with Illustrator, vectorise it, and save as svg will outline the object…

Thank you anyway.


Of course!

Luban is just a tool, it works as intended. As they say… “it’s a poor craftsman than blames his tools”.