CNC Fill Engraving makes 1000 plunges to cut the path after clearing "fill" area

After clearing the center area of a fill pattern, rather than tracing the design “on the path”, the toolpath uses continuous plunges with tiny step movements (see picture) almost like a sewing machine. It makes an ok product but takes FOREVER when a simple on-path actually looks better/smoother/way faster! Is this a setting I can change?
My current fix is simply to hit the stop button once the “fill” has cleared the space. Then I run a separate “on-the-path” run to smooth the sides.

Screen Shot 2023-09-25 at 11.44.40 AM

Luban is barely a beta version when it comes to cnc.
If you want to have actual control over your toolpaths you have to use a real CAM program like Fusion 360.


You can also share the issue with devs via Support Ticket Form so they can improve upon.

Can’t hurt to try, but probably not even worth the time or effort.

I’ve had my SM 350 for over 3 years now. There have been almost no changes to the 3-axis CNC section of Luban. Only cosmetic interface changes. The paths, as you’ve seen, are terrible and often make no sense. Still no support for multiple bits and passes. Can’t even adjust pass direction.

If you actually want to ever use your cnc, you shouldn’t wait for SM to improve it.

Thanks SDJ, I’ll go ahead and post this to the Devs… I figured I’d ask first to make sure. Seems like a simple change that would have some significant lasting effects for CNC.

I’m getting into more simple CNC lately (coasters/cutting boards/etc) and I’ve definitely made do with the current config - 2-3 versions of drawings using offsets/layers and multiple, segmented toolpaths to ‘pause’ for changing out bits. Those are pretty easy but the plunged walls… that adds the manual labor to “reset” or else it just spins for hours.

I’ve also made a couple simple CAM files with F360 but so far my it has been easier taking SVGs and just “making it work” in Luban. I should probably just get better at F360.