CNC Bit slipping out of head

I’ve been using the CNC to curt down though some wood (Clearing mode 1st) and find that the bit seems to slip or fall out. Now I understand that there are extra vibrations in the motor which are being fixed, as this is what is causing the bit to eventually move and fall out.

After a little research, I have tried some silicon-grease on both the bit & screw which holds the bit in. (as the screw also fell out during a cut). This seems to be working, as the grease allows for that extra little friction to keep the bit held in.

You might try a little blue Loctite on the set screw.

On mine, the bit holder got lose on the motor axcel and ofc broke the 1.5mm endmill, now i have to but locktite to secure screw AND the bitholder to the engine shaft… well i guess there will always be some misses here end there…