CNC and laser sample file size

It appears I need to resize the included sample CNC and laser files in Luban. What size should each be changed to in order to have proper sizing for these files?

There is no rhyme or reason to it that I could figure out… So I use the free hobbyist version of Fusion360 for CNC and Lightburn for lasering. Both are far superior to Luban.

What’s a good way to determine feed rates, etc for the CNC module?

Version 3.15.0
In CNC section, you need to click Create toolpathimage → Select a tool setting file

There are a lot of variables - material hardness, bit size and type, number of flutes, depth of cutting passes.
There are number of feed rate calculators if you do a google search.
They’re all pretty much the same.
Here’s some info:

For a starting point, the SM with the 3.175mm flat end mill seems to do well in a hard wood like oak or maple at 400-600 mm/m with a .5mm step-down. Softer woods like pine you can push to 600-1000mm/m. I would suggest starting on the slow end and then you can always increase your speed and possibly increase the step-down to 1mm. Listen to what it’s doing. It’s pretty easy to tell what it’s doing by the sound - whether it’s straining or not. You can also watch the rpm’s and see if the spindle is keeping it’s speed up.


Thank you @sdj544

After reading the article you linked, I do think it is very helpful.

Our test team is arranging some tests on CNC materials for Snapmaker 2.0 and will publish the related documents recently.

CNC carving work speed and step-down depth depend on various factors and we hope our users can learn it from [ CNC Routing Basics: Toolpaths and Feeds ‘n Speeds](CNC Routing Basics: Toolpaths and Feeds 'n Speeds | Make:


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Fablab Feeds and Speeds Calculator (

Looking forward to the data you publish. When it is published, will you link it here?

4 months ago, lol. Edwin doesn’t work at Snapmaker anymore, so i wouldn’t hold your breath.