Closeup pic of 3DP nozzle area?

I’ve had a bit of a mishap with some ABS which got clogged and then tied a knot around the print head. Ripped the silicon sock in half, which is easy to replace. But I’m looking at the fan ducts and they look warped. Can someone upload a few close up pics of the underside of the print head? I don’t have a good one to compare to.


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Those are definitely warped… guess its time for you to upgrade

3DP Part Cooling Fan 5015 Replacement

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Here’s a closeup of ours:

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On one of the other threads there was some question as to why the silicone sleeve was there and whether it was absolutely necessary. (after it had been damaged) Was it helping to keep the hot end at temp or was it to protect the head? (or a little of both)
It’s possible that the hot filament melted it, but It would appear that it’s definitely needed to keep from warping the internals.


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I think the melting point of silicone is something like 900 to 1400C, depending on composition. I’ve melted the aluminum heat block before without melting silicone lmao. Had a PID failure while debugging a chip, locked the heater full on until it melted.

I wonder what these silicone covers are made from. Must be a composition with a much lower melt point?

EDIT: yea @sdj544 I think you’re right, looking again that’s a blob and not a melt. Probably still silicone.

I was just assuming it had gotten torn up when removing a blob or mass of melted filament. I’ve seen that happen a few times. (fortunately not to me yet).
I’d assumed they were silicone but if it’s melting doesn’t seem like it could be.

Yeah the silicon didn’t melt, it was physically torn by filament being pushed into places it didn’t belong. I have no reason to believe temps were above 235 in this area, but the duct work clearly can’t handle that temp combined with the pressure exerted.

Thanks all for the advice. Gonna switch to CNC for a while and likely will make a new duct in time.

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