Chemical post processing

I been working with various wood filaments but annoyingly the remains of support material rather spoils the print. I therefor need to touch up the print

I ve found many articles that suggests using chemical solvents are the answer.

**Here are some of the solvents that can dissolve PLA, ranked from least effective to most effective:**
  • Acetone
  • Propylene Carbonate
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Tetrahydrofuran
  • Dichloromethane

Even though they are the less effective solvents in this list, we do not recommend using anything other than acetone, propylene carbonate, or ethyl acetate unless you have the experience and equipment to work with dangerous chemicals.

Has anyone found them useful and if so which solvent?

I am based in the uk so Im not sure on being able to order over the internet. advice?

You can purchase many of the above in the UK although some will have warnings about how to use them safely. If you buy them then you need to be aware of the safety issues if you don’t handle them correctly. It’s down to the purchaser to take care.

Try There are others.

I 'm manly interested in removing the disclouration of the surface due scraping/scratching the support remnants …

im not at this stage trying layer line smoothing

What orientation are you printing those in? The support scars I see make me think that you’re printing them standing up vertically rather than in the position shown. It seems like they should print fairly well in the position shown with fewer supports (but still requiring supports everywhere).

well spotted …

they were printed upright to see if the newish overhang option made much difference

ps im hoping they reintroduce both manual support as well as auto