Centering the piece for laser engraving

Folks, had the courage to try the laser engraver for the first time.

For those of you who have mastered this, what are your tips and tricks to get the piece being engraved right smack in the middle and getting the laser to precision print the design?

I tried a piece of wood to engrave and was not successfully able to figure out how best to center the piece while engraving.

Any guidance / suggestions would be helpful. :slight_smile:

Hi, my best advice would be to make sure the image your printing is cut down to size, so the bottom left of the image is smack bang on the starting axis. Then measure out the image size on your material and fingers crossed you have it perfect. Hope that makes sense (I’m relatively new to this aswell).

Always after setting the work origin and uploading the gcode, press the ‘run boundary’ button in the software and it will shows the extents of your laser engraving. You may need to click on the touchscreen to enter the Jog Controls to be able to see the laser point prior to running the boundary.

With the latest version of the snapmakerjs, V2.3.2, you can set the center of the picture to the work origin. This is sometimes easier for people to understand visually than the lower left corner of the picture being the work origin. With either method, you can always measure your part to set the exact work origin. Either way, I recommend running the boundary prior to engraving.

If the boundary is too big or too small, go back to the laser engraving panel where you loaded the image, and change the width/height dimension as needed. If the boundary is the correct size you want but not positioned correctly, then adjust the X/Y positions and set the new work origin.

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