Causes of m1012?

any ideas

what cause this?

The M1012 gcode command was only added in one of the latest firmware upgrades. It looks like you don’t have that one installed yet but you are using a recent Luban version that does assume the last firmware version.

It’s related to the emergency stop button.

many thanks for explanation

Newbie here, still learning. Hooked up a laptop to work from the console and was getting the same command spuriously while in the console. I don’t have the stop button and was getting this as an echo. Any known reasons for seeing this when connected serially?

i think if you update the firmware and latest Luban via touchpad it should go away

but im pretty much a newbie too !


I’ve got the same problem here…
Running Snapmaker Luban 4.2.2.
Is it a firmware issue ?

Pretty lost atm …

The solution

as far as I know its firmware which needs updating via the touchscreen

select settings option after swiping the screenand then select firmware update

it will then download the upates and then apply them

takes about 5-10 mins